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Bhadradaaru, methika, pruthvika, khus, jatamansi, bhringraj, vatankur, amalaki, bhumyamalaki, manjishthadi taila, neelinyadi taila, pruthvika taila, NIMBA TAILA, VATAMA TAILA, jatamansi taila.

A classic blend of natural oils and herbs that will not only fix your hair problems but also enhance the quality of your tresses. This rich mix of Sweet Almond, Kalonji oil, Jatamansi oil, all delicately infused with the goodness of Methi seeds, Neem leaves, & Holy Basil leaves will put a stop to your hair fall. Amla restores the vitality of hair, while offering strength and shine. Jatamansi prevents excessive hair fall and premature graying. Bhringraj is added the extra bounce and shine. Finally the goodness is put in a bottle of active herbs like Vetiver (Khus) roots, Devdaru wood, marod phali (helicteres isora), jatamansi, red sandalwood and dry amla, thus making the oil better and better as you use it.

- Best for dry, thin and brittle hair.
- Prevents split ends.
- Gives volume and bounce to the hair.
- Helps in increasing the length of the hair.
- Reduces hair fall.
- Reusable bottle. Add your favourite carrier oil to this bottle and let it stand for 7 days, and it is ready to use.
- To be kept overnight and wash with Raw Home Essentials Sweet Orange & Sugar Shampoo for best results

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