Oudh & cedarwood shower gel 300ml

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300 ML

- made from extra virgin olive oil
- sulphate free
- paraben free
- contains orchid honey
- contains pure lavender essential oil
- calming
- handmade
SMELL: - sweet & sharp

Aqua (Distilled Water), Lye (Potassium Hydroxide), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Steam Distilled Rose Water, Organic Orchid Honey, White Oudh Extract, Cedarwood Essential Oil.

This gel is made from extra virgin olive oil, orchid honey and oudh & cedarwood extract. It cleans the skin as well as retains the moisture in the skin. It smells heavenly and also gives your skin the perfect texture.

- Suphate free
- Paraben free
- Contains orchid honey
- Contains cedarwood essential oil & pure white oudh extract
- Rich in antioxidants
- For radiant skin
- For all skin types

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