Mogra Shower Gel 300 ml

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300 ML

- made from extra virgin olive oil
- sulphate free
- paraben free
- contains orchid honey
- pure mogra extract
- improves skin texture
- handmade
SMELL: - smells like mogra (arabian jasmine) sweet/floral

Aqua (Distilled Water), Lye (Potassium Hydroxide), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Steam Distilled Rose Water, Organic Orchid Honey, Mogra extract.

The alluring and heady fragrance of mogra flowers leaves the skin wonderfully fresh and glowing. Regular use of mogra helps uplift mood and brings peace and harmony to the mind, body and soul.

- Made from extra virgin olive oil
- Sulphate free
- Paraben free
- Contains steam distilled rose water
- Contains organic orchid honey
- Pure mogra extract used
- Improves skin texture
- Handmade

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